National Quilt Register Criteria

All types of quilts may be registered – from waggas to art quilts, decorative to heritage quilts.
The National Quilt Register covers quilts with stories and quilts where the stories are unknown.
Quilts of any age are accepted. The only criterion is the quilt must be physically located in Australia.

2 thoughts on “National Quilt Register Criteria

  1. Hello

    May I ask to enquire whether the patch quilt made of Dimond shapes pieces of silk was ever registered with you?
    It was donated to the local Lydham Hall Museum, Rockdale, NSW, and located therein ever since?
    I am not sure about the size, but it is as large as double bed.

    1. Hi Olga,
      It does not appear this quilt has been registered. If you’re able to provide information and an image of the quilt again, I will be more than happy to register it.

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