Batemans Bay Bi-Centennial Patchwork Quilt

Embroidered quilt consists of central rectangle with scenes of Bullock team, Tollgate Islands—fishing, Clyde River bridge, surf and beach activities. It is bordered by small squares depicting animals, activities and local items of interest. The quilt (wall hanging) is displayed in a wooden frame with glass front. Created in 1988 for the bicentenary of settlement


Heidelberg Busy Bee Signature Quilt

This redwork quilt is constructed from 213 white cotton squares and four distinctive sashings made from Torchon lace insertions. It is edged on all four sides with a substantial frill or flounce that is approximately 25 cm deep and is embroidered with a floral design. The quilt has 13 small squares across the width and


Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt (79 quilts)

The Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt is an evocative record of those who were lost to HIV, many of them in their 20s and 30s. The visual diversity of the panels is marked, capturing as they do the character and individuality of the person who died. In the 1980s and 1990s, at the onset of AIDS


Aboriginal Culture – Astronomy

Life for Noongar people was moderated by objects in the sky. Day time was signalled by Venus rising and the sun’s position, longer periods (‘months’) by the moon, and seasons by star patterns. For navigation: direction was judged by sun up, sun down, highest point of the sun, star patterns, single stars, and directions between


Aboriginal Culture: Six Seasons

The six Noongar seasons are signalled by: the night sky; the weather – dry and hot, hottest, cooler, coldest and wettest, wet days and clear nights, longer dry periods; quality and length of daylight; landscape – parched, recovering, green; animal stages – adults nesting and protecting, newborns and young; plant stages – flowering, ripening, mature


There was Once A River

Technique: Cut and placed raw edged pieces hand sewn onto a backing with rough stitching using a thick thread. Screen printed visuals from a very old ‘Australiana’ calendar, glue painted to quilt. Hand finished. Materials: Cotton, wool, blends, furnishing fabrics, voile, paint glue.


Quilt set title: Noongar Country, Wetland Glimpses

01 Bura (Big Swamp) at Dusk by Meg Cowey. Records show that the wetlands of Perth seethed with birds at the beginning of European settlement, and that many carried Noongar names, for example marli (black swan) and nerimba (pelican). Now there are fewer birds to be seen, but they are still enjoyed. Materials and techniques:


Quilt of Hope

Physical Description 80 hand and machine stitched square calico panels individually embellished with text and motifs using red thread, applique techniques, cross stitching, embroidery and application of readymade objects such as buttons, cord, zippers. The squares are hand stitched together and machine stitched to a calico backing with synthetic wading in between the surface layers.


Canadian Red Cross Quilt

“During WW2 1939-1945 Britain had endured the Battle of Britain, the London blitz, and by 1943 Germany was despatching pilotless flying bombs over England. There would be no warning of these attacks and they claimed many lives and wreaked much havoc with property. During one of these attacks the roof was blown off the Petre


Hexagon Quilt

This Girl Guide quilt was put together by a group of girls in Changi Prison. The guide group was started by Elizabeth Ennis, an army nursing sister, with the help of a young Dutch girl, Trude van Roode. There were about 20 to 30 girls between 8 and 13 and they collected oddments of material


Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt

This quilt was commenced in the 1930s by the members of the newly formed Mildura branch of the Country Women’s Association. Mrs. Edie Lawn was the president. She did most of the assembling and was also a memebr of Mildura Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild. The quilt was completed in 1938 after which it was


Hexagon Cot Quilt