Earth Blanket

Quilt, woollen felt with appliqued, quilted, dyed and embroidered surface. This quilt is mostly in brown and brown tones.


Klimt Print #2

Whole cloth painted quilt, hand wool embroidery, wool thread and metallic thread quilting.


The Westbury Quilt

“The quilt is a patchwork of red cotton fabric. Each piece is decorated with embroidery in thick white cotton thread and with cotton appliqué. The edge of the quilt is decorated with a red cotton unlined border strip decorated with cutwork daisies, producing a scalloped edge. The images and inscriptions carried on each of the


Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Techniques: Layers of net and machine stitchery, reverse appliqué, hand stitchery, sprayed and thrown paint. Materials: Cotton, blends, net, motifs, machine stitchery, crochet thread and paint. The inserts and border are made from Australian made ‘board shorts’ material. 1160 x 900 mm


PM Please Quilt

PM Please Quilt (2015) 210cm x 165cm. Appliqué quilt made using suit swatches and recycled ties, bamboo wadding, hand embroidered using cotton embroidery thread.


Aboriginal Culture: Wetland Resources

Materials and techniques: Aboriginal fabric, Roots and Seeds designed by Rosemary Pitjara; machine applique, hand embroidery, hand and machine quilting.


Aboriginal Culture: Wetlands Conservation

Materials and techniques: Aboriginal fabric, Possum Land and Water Dreaming designed by Heather Kennedy; machine applique, hand embroidery, hand and machine quilting.


Bottoms Up!!

Materials and techniques: Hand dye fabrics, fabric paint, organza, silk waste, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, free motion quilting.



Materials and techniques: Silk and cotton fabric, bobbin work, hand and machine embroidery, free motion quilting.


Underwater Windows

Materials and techniques: Hand dyed fabrics and papers, sun dyeing hand painting and colouring, embroidery, free cut machine pieced, hand quilted


Wetland Windows

Materials and techniques: Hand dyed fabric and paper, sundyeing, hand painting and colouring, embroidery, free cut machine pieced, hand quilted.


Wetland Spiders, A Weaver of Gold and a Wolf

Materials and techniques: Commercial and hand dyed cotton fabric, polyester basket braid, ribbon braid, florists wire, velvet over poly-wadding, beads, rhinestones, hand dyed muslin, bridal tulle, metallic and cotton thread. Machine appliqué, machine piecing, wash-away embroidery, 3-dimensional padding, buttonhole stitching over wire, hand and machine embellishment, machine quilting, beading. 600 x 400 mm


What’s for dinner?

Materials and techniques: Layered cotton, silk and silk paper with appliquéd Lutradur, satin, felt and cotton fabrics. Embellished with hemp, cotton and polyester braids and ribbon, hand and machine embroidery and beading. Acrylic paint and Inktense pencils. Machine quilted during construction. 600 x 400 mm


Wyan the White-faced Heron and Gilgies

Materials and techniques: Background fabric botanically dyed using eucalyptus leaves. Hand dyed cotton gauze, sari silk strips, organza and tulle. Hand embroidery and appliqué. Machine quilted on a domestic machine.


Cardacut the Cormorant with Eucalyptus and Melaleuca

Materials and techniques: Background fabric botanically dyed with eucalyptus leaves. Melaleuca fabric designed by Lorraine Canestrini, digitally printed. Merino wool felt, cotton, gauze, organza and tulle. Hand embroidery and appliqué. Machine quilted.


Bibool (Freshwater Paperbark)

Materials: Hand dyed papers. Hand dyed salvaged and commercial cotton and silk fabrics. Silk Rod. Crochet doily. Purchased decorative yarn.


Djeran Abundance

Materials and techniques: silk fabric, machine pieced and layered, machine embroidery. 400 x 600 mm


The Friendship Quilt’

“Crazy patchwork, principally pieced from cotton, silk, velvet, damask, brocade and felt with a printed cotton back. The edges of the pieces have been embroidered with a range of stitches including herringbone, feather and blanket stitches. The quilt is edged with red cotton with a machine made lace flounce all around. The backing is a


Heidelberg Busy Bee Signature Quilt

This redwork quilt is constructed from 213 white cotton squares and four distinctive sashings made from Torchon lace insertions. It is edged on all four sides with a substantial frill or flounce that is approximately 25 cm deep and is embroidered with a floral design. The quilt has 13 small squares across the width and


Days of Fire

Technique: Strip piecing and folding, hand embroidery and finishing, machine pieced. Materials: Taffeta, cotton, voile, cotton blends, gold and silver thread.


Come Dancing

Technique: Layers of net over taffeta and lace shapes. Hand quilting and beading. Paint brush work. Materials: Remnants and materials from dance costumes I have made and worn.


Aboriginal Culture – Astronomy

Life for Noongar people was moderated by objects in the sky. Day time was signalled by Venus rising and the sun’s position, longer periods (‘months’) by the moon, and seasons by star patterns. For navigation: direction was judged by sun up, sun down, highest point of the sun, star patterns, single stars, and directions between



Technique: Machine embroidery, joining rough edge strips and wadding onto a base. Hand assembled with stitchery, braid and copper wire using various construction methods. Materials: Calico, polyester wadding. Copper wire, plastic, net, linen thread and screen printed voile, braid and eyelets