Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Techniques: Layers of net and machine stitchery, reverse appliqué, hand stitchery, sprayed and thrown paint. Materials: Cotton, blends, net, motifs, machine stitchery, crochet thread and paint. The inserts and border are made from Australian made ‘board shorts’ material.


After the Storm

Technique: Mono printing, machine appliqué, free hand and reverse machine embroidery, hand embellishing, hand finished. Materials: Cotton, synthetics, net, beads and shells.


The Wild Blue Yonder

Technique: Surface design is mono printing, painting, writing, beading, drawn thread work, overlay and raw edge construction. Machine pieced and machine freehand embroidery. Hand quilted and finished. Materials:Various weight cottons, blends, polyester and net, Polyester wadding and calico backing.


Balbuk’s Country: ‘Heirisson Island, Looking East’

Hand dyed fabrics and threads. Hand and machine applique and quilting. Hand embroidery.


Hexagon Wool Quilt

52 hexagons representing one for each week of the year. All blocks 9” diam. Each block is appliqued then backed with another wool hexagon, forming an edge around the appliqued block. The blocks are all hand sewn, no machine work anywhere, and the blocks are put together using a herringbone stitch and using pearl threads.


Bush Sunrise

i used an old blanket found in an Op Shop which I suspect was pre war, I eco dyed sections of it by wrapping in rusty items and boiling in water. I then created stamps representing gum leaves and used them as a stamp onto silk which had also been dyed and stitched them onto


First Load of the Day

Technique: Machine appliqué, net layering, hand quilted and finished. Materials: Net, wool, cotton, corduroy, silk, blends, polyester wadding.


Sunrise – Wilpena Pound

Technique: Strip piecing, quilt-as-you-go. Machine appliqué inserts, hand quilted and pieced. Materials: Corduroy, velvet, satin, taffeta, silk, cotton, blends, furnishing fabrics.


There’s Colour in the Creek

Technique: Machine appliqué, use of overlay to give a sense of distance, clothing, loose leaves, hand quilted and finished. Materials: Cotton, taffeta, wool, curtain fabric, corduroy, velvet, clothing, blends and found prints. Polyester wadding.


Barrier Reef

Technique: Machine appliqué, strip piecing quilt-as-you-go, machine appliqué, hand quilting and finishing, hand attached sea weed. Materials: Satin, taffeta, cotton, corduroy, furnishing fabrics, found pattern fabric, blends, lace, polyester wadding. 21


Ireland Experience

Technique: Using my photographs, I drew the visuals to size and used this as the pattern for the cutting out. A base fabric of calico was used to machine appliqué onto, using different colour thread. Assembled as stripes and then as a whole piece with polyester wadding and calico backing. Hand quilted with embroidery and


Quilt of Hope

Physical Description 80 hand and machine stitched square calico panels individually embellished with text and motifs using red thread, applique techniques, cross stitching, embroidery and application of readymade objects such as buttons, cord, zippers. The squares are hand stitched together and machine stitched to a calico backing with synthetic wading in between the surface layers.


Silk Hexagon Quilt


Tulip Quilt


Embroidered Flower Garden Raffle Quilt

The daughter of Gipsy Jackson said the prize for the raffle included a dressed doll and so her mother thought the quilt was a doll’s quilt. When the family lived in Queensland and then back in Warren NSW the raffle quilt was always used on the bed in the visitors’ spare room. Margaret Rolfe, well


Cot Quilt

A. Earl came to Australia from England, Chesterfield, Derbyshire c.1860 and lived in Queensland and NSW. The nursery rhymes depicted on the quilt include: ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’, ‘Little Miss Muffet’, ‘Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe’, ‘Mother Hubbard’, “Puss in Boots’, ‘Little Boy Blue’.


Pieced Embroidered Quilt

“I received this quilt after my mother died (North Platte, Nebraska, Sept 2000). It was found in the closet. My maternal grandmother died in December 1999 and I don’t know if this quilt came from her or if my mother got it somewhere else”.


Chester Family Hexagon Quilt

“The quilt has the unusual feature of having been used to record the initials and dates of members of the Chester family, ie ‘W.C. Died Jan 15 1838’ and ‘A.J.C. Born July 24 1862’. Legend has it that the central patch, which is a deep pink shade, and shows the Prince of Wales feathers motif,


Signature ‘World Quilt’

“In tradition of Friendship Quilts, small squares posted to favourite actors, authors, sportsmen and other famous people. Many of them returned autographed signatures written in ink which were then embroidered in stem stitch. Illustrations were added to squares, each one drawn by Marguerite’s father. She commemorated her parents by stitching words ‘Mother’ and ‘Dad’ within