Broken Dreams

Technique: Raw edge crazy patchwork appliquéd with metallic thread. Rough creased taffeta and velvet tied to net base with crochet thread. Hand stitched embellishment. Textile with hand painted tears. Machine tails. Materials: Net, evening fabrics, taffeta, velvet, textile and paint.


Hexagon Quilt


The Wild Blue Yonder

Technique: Surface design is mono printing, painting, writing, beading, drawn thread work, overlay and raw edge construction. Machine pieced and machine freehand embroidery. Hand quilted and finished. Materials:Various weight cottons, blends, polyester and net, Polyester wadding and calico backing.


Clarence Valley Coverlet No. 2

The coverlet is double sided. Side one consists of hexagons stitched in a traditional style where the maker has worked from the centre out. Using a solid gold colour, she has created a central diamond shape, then adding hexagon rosettes with gold centres and finishing with assorted brown fabrics to create a border. The reverse


Log Cabin Quilt

Julia Jeffries (1846-1919) lived with her husband Jabez at Ournie NSW. They had 11 children.


Skin Rug


Suiting Samples Child’s Coverlet

This quilt is one of a collection of quilts known as ‘The Running Stitch Collection’, donated to the National Wool Museum in 1989 by the Running Stitch Group. (Barbara Macey, Lois Densham, Susan Denton and Jan Ross-Manley).


Woollen Wagga

The quilt is a simple design consisting of forty-eight 20 cm squares stitched together in rows of squares 6 x 8. The quilt is made of wool and a good variety of fabrics were available to the maker. The fabrics consist of a tartan, checks, plaids, plains, wool crepe, tweed and one block with a


Woollen Wagga

The Wagga is double sided and has an inner layer. It is in excellent condition. The Wagga contains a great variety of woollen fabrics: including tweeds, khaki army uniform, herringbone, plaids, stripes and checks. It is machined stitched and has some machine stitching to hold the three layers together. There is no binding, indicating the


Laura and Sam’s wedding

Red and black wool six pointed star blocks separated by black strips with the occasional appliqued red circles at intersections. One block represents a ladybird and was inserted as other fabrics were insufficient in amount. Along each side is a series for triangles using remaining fabrics. The backing is slightly patterned black and grey cotton


Quilt of Hope

Physical Description 80 hand and machine stitched square calico panels individually embellished with text and motifs using red thread, applique techniques, cross stitching, embroidery and application of readymade objects such as buttons, cord, zippers. The squares are hand stitched together and machine stitched to a calico backing with synthetic wading in between the surface layers.


Medallion Quilt


Unsquare – Square Dance

Machine pieced by Prue Townley and Machine Quilted by Pam Hammer of Threadshed Quilting. Matildas Own wadding . Rasant Machine Quilting thread. Border fabric very expensive but matched the pieced blocks. Square blocks are pieced together and then recut and twisted to form the tesselating pin wheels.


My Giant Dahlia

Medallion style, hand pieced by Prue Townley using 100% cotton fabric, and custom quilted by Pam Hammer of Threadshed Quilting, using Rasant thread. The wadding used was Matilda’s Own.


Log Cabin Quilt


Silk Hexagon Quilt


Suffolk Puff Quilt