Sure as Night Follows Day

Pieced and hand stitched quilt made from woollen blankets. The front is mostly cream in colour with blue handstitching worked over entire surface with a blue ‘snake’ like design forming an internal border design. There are two ‘blue moon’ shaped motifs near each corner on the top edge.The back is made from one piece of


A Rollicking Good Laugh

Techniques: Machine ‘quilt as you go’, rough edge machine appliqué, hand finished. (2006)


Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Technique: Raw edged, check and tartan samples assembled with little manipulation. Machine sewn to a cotton backing allowing for some fraying. The backing of the quilt is assembled using squares of left over pyjama material. Buttons: some in the shape flowers are hand attached through the three layers. The tails are made from a spool


Ode to the Shearer

Technique: Wool and some wool/blend on wool blanket with embellishing machine, hand knitted wool samplers using home spun wool and one commercial spun sampler, hand stitched edging. Home dyed with natural plant dyes or left in their natural state. Three layers ‘tied’ together. No machine stitching. Materials: 95% pure wool. 5% cotton/blends. Black and white


Colours of the Day – Sunrise

Technique: Hand appliqué and threads add to the surface texture. Hand pressed leaf printing and painting and screen printing on borders from leaves collected locally. Materials: Satin, silk, cotton, blends, velvet, corduroy. Preferred Triptych horizontal installation 900 x 3420mm Individual 900 x 1140


Line On Line

Technique: Cutting blocks from samples then assembled by strip piecing. These were laid over wadding and a backing of calico. Top left panel of strips were laid and assembled in the ‘quilt-as-you-go’ method and then machine appliquéd around the edge. Hand quilted with crochet thread and hand finished. Materials: Wool and upholstery samples of various


Games Series: Checkmate I

Technique: Raw edge pieces, with minimum cutting of the material. Rough blanket stitched hand appliqué with hanging threads overstitched. Materials: 100% wool, cotton, crochet thread.


Australian Coat of Arms Quilt

Medallion quilt pieced from square, rectangular and triangular pieces from plain and patterned cottons. Central motif is appliqued in red cotton on white background with kangaroo and emu on either side of a shield. Four stars are randomly placed on the white background. There is no padding. The backing is pieced together from different types


Changi Prison Girl Guides

Quilt constructed of blocks of hexagons with 72 ‘flower’ rosettes made from plain and printed cotton scraps. The centre of each rosette has the name of one of the Girl Guides embroidered on it. The one in the centre of the quilt has the Trefoil insignia outlined in satin stitch. The background is white hexagons.


Strata title

Rock formations that reflect the evolution of the planet include beauty and dirt. We had just bought our first home in a Strata which was both beautiful and dirty Made from Commercial cotton, silk, poly-cotton, rayon and polyester and using techniques: machine pieced and machine quilting


Heidelberg Busy Bee Signature Quilt

This redwork quilt is constructed from 213 white cotton squares and four distinctive sashings made from Torchon lace insertions. It is edged on all four sides with a substantial frill or flounce that is approximately 25 cm deep and is embroidered with a floral design. The quilt has 13 small squares across the width and


Days of Fire

Technique: Strip piecing and folding, hand embroidery and finishing, machine pieced. Materials: Taffeta, cotton, voile, cotton blends, gold and silver thread.


Log Cabin Quilt

Julia Jeffries (1846-1919) lived with her husband Jabez at Ournie NSW. They had 11 children.


Boulder Opal 3

Technique: Opals, strip piecing, quilt-as-you-go, machine appliquéd to rock panels of various shapes and sizes. Hand quilted and finished. Materials: Cotton, velvet, linen, satin, taffeta, blends, corduroy, wool and mixes, polyester wadding.


Boulder Opal 2

Technique: Opals, strip piecing, quilt-as-you-go, machine appliquéd to rock panels of various shapes and sizes. Hand quilted and finished. Materials: Cotton, velvet, linen, satin, taffeta, blends, corduroy, wool and mixes, polyester wadding.


Mary Studholme’s Wagga

One side of this whole cloth quilt is a single piece of cretonne or similar with a pattern of autumn leaves. The other side is patched pieces of curtaining. The padding is old clothing, mainly knits, with some pieces of men’s suiting showing through tears in the backing, tacked to random pieces of curtain material.


Possum Skin Rug


Possum Skin Rug


The Kangaroo rug

Kangaroo skin rug made from 22 pieces of kangaroo pelt, 4 pieces across each end of the rug and 2 larger pieces making up panels in the central portion of the rug. Pelts are hand stitched together. Backing of burgundy felt has been attached by hand stitching. The navy edging around the skins appears to


Down to the Sea

Technique: Machine pieced, quilt-as-you-go method, machine appliqué, hand quilted and finished. Materials: Wool, corduroy, satin, taffeta, cotton, blends, found screen prints, polyester wadding.


Sunrise – Wilpena Pound

Technique: Strip piecing, quilt-as-you-go. Machine appliqué inserts, hand quilted and pieced. Materials: Corduroy, velvet, satin, taffeta, silk, cotton, blends, furnishing fabrics.


Storm at Sea

Technique: Strip piecing ‘quilt-as-you-go’ method, hand quilted and finished, loose birds, metal motifs applied by hand. Materials: Satin, taffeta, cotton and blends found screen printed fabric, velvet. Polyester wadding.


Laura and Sam’s wedding

Red and black wool six pointed star blocks separated by black strips with the occasional appliqued red circles at intersections. One block represents a ladybird and was inserted as other fabrics were insufficient in amount. Along each side is a series for triangles using remaining fabrics. The backing is slightly patterned black and grey cotton


Elizabeth Grace

Machine pieced medallion quilt. The fabrics in the centre eight rows are similar to those used in the ‘Elizabeth Smith Coverlet’ with outer border fabrics and colors of my choice. Machine quilted in a traditional Baptist Fan pattern by Pam Hammer of Threadshed Quilting, Victoria.