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200 Flags

  • Owner:
    Public Collection: North Sydney Council
  • Location:
    North Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Maker:
    Alison Muir
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 280 cm
    Width: 280 cm


Made for and selected to be hung in The Quilters’ Guild Inc Bicentennial Quilt exhibition at Centrepoint, Sydney, NSW in 1988. Displayed at North Shore Craft Group exhibition at Pymble, NSW in 2001. Given to North Sydney Council Mayor, Genia McCaffery in 2001


Depicts the countries, companies and events that affected Australian history over the 200 years to 1988. Some proprietary flags included in amongst hand made and painted depictions from research. Background top is the English flag from 1788 and bottom is current Australian flag. An index of flags and a plan is available

Made using Commercial cotton, poly-cotton, polyester, silk, terylene and paint with machine pieced, hand pieced, fused appliqué and machine quilted.


‘Quilt Australia’ published by Bay Books 1988, pg 59

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