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Achieving purple

  • Owner:
    Verna Gilbert
  • Location:
    Sydney, Australia
  • Maker:
    Alison Muir
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 102 cm
    Width: 72 cm


Made for ‘Re-fabricating our indigenous spirit’ exhibition, Braemar Gallery Springwood 2002, selected for exhibition and donated to Verna Gilbert.


Made from Commercial silks, polyester, lamé and jacquard, techniques include fused appliqué and machine quilting.
Caption: It may not be indigenous but Yoga has given me a new lease on life and times. Achieving purple is the aim of all Yoga practitioners and this work was made for my Yoga teacher’s 80th birthday.


Published in catalogue: 'Refabricating our indigenous spirit'

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