Collection2001 National Quilt Register Collection by PWHPioneer Women's Hut Heritage Quilt Collection
OwnerThe Pioneer Women's Hut
Location Tumbarumba NSW Austalia
Origin international
Pattern Patchwork Appliqué Pieced
Dimensions (H x W in cm)217 x 170


This quilt was made in St. Joseph, Missouri, USA c. 1930 by a friend of the Boyle family and given to Jenny Boyle who lived at Cowes, Victoria. It was used by her children. The Boyle family later lived in Wagga Wagga New South Wales and when they left Wagga Wagga the quilt was sold at auction. It was purchased by Jenny Layburn but never used. Jenny gave it to her mother Judy Crain who donated it to the Pioneer Women's Hut in 1998. It is not used now and is occasionally displayed at the museum.


Quilt made up of eight white cotton squares, 360 x 360mm, each with a differently coloured crinoline lady appliquéd in buttonhole stitch. The squares are divided by bands of yellow cotton. It is hand quilted. The padding is kapok or cotton and the backing is red cotton.

2170 x 1700 mm


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