CollectionYvonne Line Collection
OwnerYvonne Line
Location Campbelltown NSW Australia
MakerYvonne Line
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Contemporary Appliqué
Dimensions (H x W in cm)149 x 99


" ‘Blue Mood’ is my response to a particularly difficult time in my life when I was being ‘battered’ by emotions of sadness and the feelings of helplessness and frustration. The insert shape (a piece of found screen printing) represents the decision to make choices to build my own future.

"While this artwork was being exhibited in a gallery, a woman came to me and thanked me most profusely for the opportunity to view this quilt. She said that her husband, a Vietnam Veteran, was for the first time, since he came back from the war, crying. She said it was the break-through that they had been waiting for, for years. It was a humbling and emotional experience (for me)."

[Yvonne Line, 2017]


Technique: Mono printing, found screen print fabric, free hand machine appliqué, hand quilting and appliqué.
Materials: Cotton, Thai silk, polyester, wool, upholstery lining, crochet thread, cotton thread, dyes and paint, polyester wadding and calico back.

1490 x 990 mm


Yvonne Line Art Textiles - A Complete Retrospective 2017
Published by Port Melbourne Photography
Photo by John Lamb


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