CollectionCelebrate the Culture of Australia's First People - Collection by Pat Forster
Register No.1295.2018.PF
OwnerPrivate Collector
Location Western Australia
MakerPat Forster
Origin Perth WA Australia
Pattern Community Appliqué Contemporary Embroidered
Dimensions (H x W in cm)60cm x 40cm


One of a set of eight quilts. Quilt set exhibited at:

• Museum of the Great Southern, Albany Western Australia, 8-29 July 2018, which included NAIDOC week.
Displayed as a component of WA Inspired Art Quilters’ Exhibition
• Boddington Field of Quilts WA, 23 September 2018
Set sold at Boddington Field of Quilts.

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Life for Noongar people was moderated by objects in the sky. Day time was signalled by Venus rising and the sun’s position, longer periods (‘months’) by the moon, and seasons by star patterns. For navigation: direction was judged by sun up, sun down, highest point of the sun, star patterns, single stars, and directions between pairs of stars; distance/time intervals were ‘number of sleeps’, ‘number of full moons’, where counting, at least for some, was one to five, five plus one, five plus two … then number of hands and feet. Dreaming narratives of creation of the universe and spirit people were told through story, dance and art, and functioned as mnemonics for reading the sky. Songlines which incorporated the Dreaming functioned as mnemonics for navigating.

Materials and techniques: Aboriginal fabric, Dancing Spirit designed by Colleen Wallace; hand applique, hand embroidery, hand and machine quilting.

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