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Celebrate the Culture of Australia’s First People: Night Sky

  • Owner:
    ARTeHUB CREA Communities
  • Location:
    Mount Magnet, Western Australia
  • Maker:
    Pat Forster
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 78cm
    Width: 78cm


The quilt was made for the Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Festival 2019 where it was displayed in the Gallery of Wirnda Barna Aboriginal Artists who most generously cleared space for a display of quilts made by the Mount Magnet Quilt Project group of the West Australian Quilters Association (WAQA). To build authenticity for the quilt, extensive research was undertaken into conceptions of the night sky by Aboriginal people in Western Australia. In addition to the Astro Rocks Fest, the quilt was displayed at the QuiltWest 2019 Exhibition; the Astrotourism Workshop, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Perth, September, 2019; and at Melville Civic Centre for NAIDOC week 2019. The quilt, with others, was the subject of: presentations at Western Endeavour Rotary club, July 2019 and at the WAQA Contemporary Quilt group, September 2019; and of a feature article in Quilters Companion Magazine, Special issue #102019, Great Australian Quilts.


The 'spiral galaxy' design was built by drawing a large Drunkards Path traditional block (quarter of a circle in a square), and nesting and rotating different sized Drunkards Path blocks in the large one. The patterned fabric is ‘Seven Sisters in the Milky Way’ designed by Marlene Doolan of Aboriginal heritage.
Machine pieced. Machine quilted curves on plain fabric and free motion stippling on patterned fabric. Stem-stitch and machine-quilted text. Sequin embellishment. Polyester wadding.
Text on the quilt, starting at the top left block and rotating anticlockwise
- emu in Milky Way black spaces signals seasons signifies Marala the emu man
- star maps guided navigation
- moon a distance time indicator
- Seven Sisters Pleiades
- Jundas campsite Hyades
- morning star
- (no text) comet sequin

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