CollectionCelebrate the Culture of Australia's First People - Collection by Pat Forster
Register No.1316.2018.PF
OwnerPrivate Collector
Location Western Australia
MakerPat Forster
Origin Perth, Western Australia
Pattern Community
Dimensions (H x W in cm)60 x 40


The six Noongar seasons are signalled by: the night sky; the weather - dry and hot, hottest, cooler, coldest and wettest, wet days and clear nights, longer dry periods; quality and length of daylight; landscape - parched, recovering, green; animal stages - adults nesting and protecting, newborns and young; plant stages – flowering, ripening, mature fruits and roots. In response, Noongar people changed location between the ‘coast, estuaries, rivers’, ‘lakes and swamps’ and ‘inland’; changed the predominant foods in their diet – fish or kangaroo for protein, roots and seeds (particularly zamia) for carbohydrate; instituted protection – huts and cloaks in the cold and wet, plant based sunscreen and insect repellent; and instituted a fire regime.

This quilt is one of a set of eight quilts entitled 'Celebrate the Culture of Australia's First People'.

Exhibited at:

• Museum of the Great Southern, Albany, July 8-29, 2018, which included NAIDOC week. Displayed as a component of WA Inspired Art Quilters’ Exhibition
• Boddington Field of Quilts, Western Australia, September 23, 2019

Sold at Boddington Field of Quilts


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