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Chester Family Hexagon Quilt


Probably made by members of the Chester family in the second half of the 19th century. The quilt was commenced at Balmoral, Scotland but it is not known where it was finished. Previously owned by the Chester family, now owned by the National Trust of Australia (South Australia), at Millicent. "The quilt has the unusual feature of having been used to record the initials and dates of members of the Chester family, ie 'W.C. Died Jan 15 1838' and 'A.J.C. Born July 24 1862'.
Legend has it that the central patch which is a deep pink shade and shows the Prince of Wales feathers motif, came from material used in Queen Victoria's trousseau."
[Irene Bishop, Millicent National Trust Museum]


Patchwork quilt made from silks in hexagon shapes with dark silk triangles in between the hexagons. The centre of the quilt has a star design with an embroidered hexagon with six star points, with diamonds and hexagons, surrounded by a border of dark coloured diamonds on a cream ground. The quilt is edged with deep single scallops in alternate dark blue and white each with an appliqued six point star with a hexagon centre.

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