Owner Beverley Edmonds
Location QLD
Maker Jean Maude Humberdross
Origin queensland
Pattern Patchwork Crazy Painted
Date 1900-1939
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 142 x 137


Made by Jean Maude Humberdross aged 14 in 1935 at Ravensbourne Queensland. Purchased at the garage sale of Mrs Humberdross' estate in Toowoomba Queensland in 1994 by the owner Bev Edmonds. Jean was born 9 May 1921 at Ravensbourne Queensland and died 13 October 1993 in Toowoomba Queensland. She suffered from polio and died from a polio related illness.
"Jean Maude Humberdross made this quilt when she was 14 years old. It took three months to make. She made lots of handcrafted items - crocheted rugs and quilts but all of these things were given away. This piece was the only one she kept."
[Beverly Edmonds 1998]


Patchwork crazy quilt made from pieces of taffeta, brocade, grosgrain fabric and ribbon, silk velvet and jacquard woven furnishing fabrics, mostly silk with some cotton. The colours are a mixture of darks, brights and light patches. Centre patch has crudely painted flowers and leaves. All seams are embroidered with feather stitch in cream cotton thread. Backing is of calico which is stained. Handsewn.
1423 x 1372mm


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