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Crazy Quilt

  • Owner:
    Jeanette McGeoch
  • Location:
  • Maker:
    Jeanette Cullen
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 147
    Width: 106


Made c. 1901 in Wahgunyah Victoria by Jeanette Cullen (born Fraser 1838-1912) then owned by her daughter Christina Marion McLaurin (1871-1953). Now owned by Christina's daughter Jeanette Fraser McGeoch (born 1901). "Maker of the quilt was Jeanette Fraser born [at] Inverness Scotland 1838. Married William Cullen 1868. Died 1912. Seven children. Initials for all are on the quilt. William Cullen's parents migrated from Northern Ireland. The quilt was made at 'Gorthleck' Wagunyah VIC, the family property. Jeanette was an expert needlewoman: sewing, crochet, tatting, knitting (cotton bedspread). She also did crayon drawings. Jeanette was the grandmother of the present owner Jeanette McGeoch. The quilt passed to Jeanette Cullen's daughter, Christina Marion (born 1871). Lived at Lilliput via Rutherglen VIC. She was the second eldest. Married Robert McLaurin in 1900. Died 1943 aged 82 years. Five children. The quilt passed to Christina's daughter, Jeanette (born 1901) at Lilliput via Rutherglen VIC. Married [in] 1926 to Walter McGeoch. Jeanette is the present owner of the quilt. Jeanette recalled the quilt was laid across the foot of her Grandmother's bed, a four poster mahogany. Jeanette describes her mother and father's bedroom at 'Curnalla', Lilliput via Rutherglen VIC: the bed was a full tester, cream enamel with brass fittings. There was a white knitted bedspread (counterpane) with crocheted edging, about eight inches wide with vandyke points. The curtains had knitted strips and crocheted strips. There was a footstool at the end of the bed. The quilt was always laid across the end of the bed. This description refers to the period from 1900 to when Robert died."
[Additional notes from conversation with Mrs McGeoch 1998]
Initials on the quilt are:
JC Jeanette Cullen
FCC Fred Cullen, son
FF Fred Fraser, brother
JC Jack Cullen, son
AFC Angus Fraser Cullen, son
WRC William Robert Cullen, son
CMC Christina Marion Cullen
ME Mary Elizabeth


Crazy patchwork quilt made from pieces of silk, velvet, silk ribbon and brocade in a variety of patterns and plains, in a range of colours. All patches are edged with embroidery, in blanket, feather, herringbone and other stitch variations. Many patches are embroidered with flowers, butterflies, leaves and initials of family members, and there is some beading. 1901 is embroidered in one corner. Quilt has a wide border of gold velvet. Patches are stitched to a base fabric. Backing is dark green sateen.
1470 x 1060mm

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