Owner Collection of artist
Location Sydney, NSW, Australia
Maker Alison Muir
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Square
Date 2010-2019
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 157 cm x 157 cm


A wrapping cloth for my father’s cremation; using my textile art to wrap his body in love for its final journey. The 900 red crosses signify his early involvement in the Church of England and for which, he expressed, he had no need in his 90’s. My father died before the quilt returned, so we cremated him in a Shroud I had made for my own cremation.

Exhibitions: ‘Gala of the Unexpected’ exhibition to celebrate 25 years of the National Quilt Museum USA, and toured the USA for 18 months

Publications: Catalogue ‘Gala of the unexpected’;
SAQA Oceania newsletter 2016


Materials: Polypropylene non-woven medical wrapping cloth
Techniques: Hand dyed, adhesive, layered, hand stitched


Andy Payne, Photographix
Peter James Huskins 1923 to 2017


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