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Crochet Cot Quilt


Made by Margaret Osterfield (born Folletta 25 August 1866) for her granddaughter Verna's cot in 1940. Used by Verna's sisters and her three children in 1970, 1973 and 1976. Owned by Verna Doak. "Margaret Osterfield was a very hard working farmer's wife. She and husband Frederick Osterfield had 10 children, my father [being] the second youngest. They lived at Burnt Gully, approximately 10 miles from Bendigo Victoria. She crocheted and embroidered until her death on her 87th birthday."
[Verna Doak]


Cot quilt made in rows of crochet in treble clusters. Backed with blue cotton fabric. Backing replaced with another backing of blue fabric in 1970. Colours of rows are green,yellow, blue, pink and red.

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