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Embroidered Iris Quilt

  • Owner:
    Batlow Historical Society
  • Location:
    Batlow NSW Australia
  • Maker:
    Mrs Trembath
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 202
    Width: 195


Thought to have been made by Mrs Trembath/ Vingo/ Fairlie in Cornwall England about 1858. Now owned by the Batlow Historical Society, Batlow New South Wales.

Mrs Courtney Fairlie was married in Batlow or district in the 1920s. She came to Australia around the First World War. 'Aunty Courtney' was married to Belle Foster's mother's brother David. Mrs Courtney Fairlie's mother was a Trembath. 'Aunty Courtney' married John Vingo. [More information is available from the Batlow Historical Society]


Cotton blocks set on point embroidered in satin stitch, all blocks embroidered with a pattern of bearded irises in pale lemon, green, white. Alternate blocks battenburg-style cotton-lace stitched together linking blocks. Cotton torchon lace edging.

2020 x 1950 mm

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