Register No.427MC
OwnerMal Crawford
Location QLD
MakerMal Crawford
Pattern Wholecloth Wagga
Datepre 1970
Dimensions (H x W in cm)188 x 113


This quilt/rug was made by Mal Crawford pre 1970 and is still owned by him. It is still used on fishing trips. Mal Crawford is a keen fisherman and the Wagga was and is still used on fishing trips. "The kids couldn't move when they slept under it."
[Mal Crawford, 13 January 1998]


The top is an old army blanket, the backing is jute bags and the padding is old woollen material and parts of the maker's mother's fake leopard skin coat. It is hand sewn using a darning needle and fishing line.
1880 x 1132mm

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