OwnerArt Gallery of South Australia
Location SA
MakerElizabeth Magarey
Pattern Patchwork Pieced Geometric Medallion
Dimensions (H x W in cm)105 x 77


Attributed to Elizabeth Magarey (1825-1920) of Adelaide South Australia c. 1870. Owned by Miss R Norman. Donated to the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide in 1977 by Miss Norman.
[AGSA 772A32A]


Frame cot quilt in cotton fabrics, the centre square in a paisley print surrounded by two plain borders or frames, then two frames pieced in alternate light and dark triangles, then a frame in a floral print. Outer border is of red fabric, longer at top and bottom to make a rectangle. No quilting. Machine sewn.
1050 x 770mm


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