Collection2001 National Quilt Register Collection by PWH
Owner Albury Regional Museum
Location NSW Australia
Maker Unknown
Pattern Patchwork
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 67 x 54


The quilt is thought to have been made in the 1950s. It is not known who the maker was. It was donated to the Albury Regional Museum [NSW] in 1969.


Patchwork cot quilt, machine pieced, rectangular, 5 x 4 squares.

Assorted fabrics including seersucker, corduroy, printed and plain cottons. White ric-rac braid and zigzag machine stitching accentuate rows. Edge of white cotton tape.

Backing is single flour bag, calico, with maker's printing visible through patchwork: 'Tiger. Best Australian Roller Flour. Mala Foot. Sole Supply. Part of Kuala Lumper' and Chinese characters.

674 x 540mm


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