Owner La Dona Anick
Location WA
Maker Ada Samaniego
Pattern Patchwork Hexagon
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 193 x 154


The quilt was made by Ada M Samaniego in Colorado USA in 1930. It was a wedding quilt for her daughter, La Homa White. It is now owned by the maker's granddaughter, La Dona Anick in Australia. It is not used. "I treasure it because it was made by my grandmother and I only have the two quilts left that she has made. She was a very busy woman bringing up her own five and fostering others along the way. She never sat down in a chair that she didn't have something in her hand, crochet, quilting etc."
[La Dona Anick]


Hexagon quilt in the form of rosettes often called 'Grandmother's Flower Garden'. Wide variety of materials including solid coloured homespuns, floral prints and American feed sacks. There is a padding of soft cotton and a backing of calico.
1930 x 1540mm


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