Owner Euroa and District Historical Society
Location VIC
Maker CWA Euroa Branch
Origin victoria
Pattern Patchwork Hexagon
Date 1900-1939
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 298 x 288


The quilt was made by the Euroa Victoria branch of the CWA to raffle in 1931. It was later donated to the Euroa and District Historical Society and displayed in the Euroa museum. In 1991, through a bequest, a purpose built cabinet was made to display the quilt. The president of the CWA at the time was Mrs Currie who is said to have inspired members with the idea of the quilt and taught the techniques to CWA members.


Hand stitched Grandmother's Flower Garden cotton quilt constructed from a wide variety of materials. The centre of each hexagon is a flower. On the outer edge there is a bobble fringe sewn on to a 25mm red strip. There is an inner border of a brown floral trail of hexagons. The background is white cotton.
2980 x 2880mm


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