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Gran’s ‘Wagga’ Quilt

  • Owner:
    Tess Davidson
  • Location:
  • Maker:
    Teresa Blennett Hassett
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 239
    Width: 211


This quilt was made by Mrs Teresa Blennett Hassett (1876-1948) in Northern Victoria in 1940. It was made for her granddaughter Tess when her first child was born. It is not used now. "My Grammie was born in 1876, died aged 72, buried in Devenish, Victoria cemetery. She was Mrs Teresa Blennett Hassett. I was very young and always interested in her making this Wagga as she called it. The name seemed so strange to me, (why Wagga? I have never found out). Gran always was sewing, stitching by needle and thread, I never saw a sewing machine ever. Every Sunday as children, we always went up to her farm [and] it was always delightful to my two elder sisters and myself at Devenish, Victoria. Then she came to live in Benalla, Victoria in the late forties, with my mother and our family. Now this is where the lovely story of the Wagga starts. She gave it to me, what a surprise to get such a lovely gift, she put it in my new baby's pram. I have always treasured it so much. Over the years, the red binding was getting tattered and not looked as I liked, then the problem began, how and where could I get red to match, it seemed such a big job to do and had to be all be needle and thread." [Tess Davidson, 16 September 1999]

Rust marks on the quilt indicate it has been under a mattress and on top of the wire base of the bed at some time.


Hand stitched quilt of suiting materials. Centre rectangle also suiting materials but arranged with a smaller scale, is edged with a cord of red fabric covering string. The outer red border has been renewed by the owner and closely matches the original. The backing is ticking. There is no padding.
2390 x 2110mm

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