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Great Aunt Elva’s Quilt’

  • Owner:
    Diane Kern Hamilton
  • Location:
    Western Australia
  • Maker:
    Elva May White
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 248
    Width: 198


The quilt was made by Elva Mae White (born Decker) on their farm in Manhattan in the Bozeman area of Montana, USA probably in the 1930s. The maker left the quilt to a faithful worker, Virgil Howard, who gave it to the present owner who is Elva White's great niece. It is used occasionally for special guests.

"Maker Elva Mae White was born approx 1880 and was married in 1901. For their honeymoon in 1902, Elva and her husband went with her husband's parents to Yellowstone National Park. They traveled in a covered wagon and a buggy and may also have taken tents. In the three weeks they were in Yellowstone National Park Elva and her mother-in-law cooked and did laundry for some soldiers who hadn't seen a woman for a long time. The soldiers were working in the national park helping to build roads and establish the new national park.

"On the farm Elva's husband had stud cattle and wheat. Elva would have done all the cooking and cleaning and used to get up at 5 am with breakfast being at 6.30am. She was also active outside the house as she kept chickens and ducks. The house was originally a one-room log cabin built in the 1880's and was gradually added to make several rooms.

"Prior to her marriage Elva had taught in a one-room school. Elva and her husband had no children so after Elva's husband died she left the house to a faithful worker on the farm, Virgil Howard, who lived in a sheep herder's cottage. Virgil left the quilt to the present owner as he knew she was interested in quilting. Elva died in 1974. Virgil told the present owner that she made other quilts but must have given them away." [Diane Kern Hamilton]


Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern constructed from hexagons with sides approx 2cms. Repeats of three concentric circles of hexagons outside a centre yellow hexagon. Each of the first two circles is made from the same fabric and the outer circle is always pale yellow. The 'pathway' is solid green. It is quilted in concentric circles 5mm in on all hexagons. There is a fine padding and the backing is yellow polished cotton. It is known as Great Aunt Elva's quilt.

2480 x 1980mm

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