OwnerTongarra Bicentennial Museum
Location NSW
MakerSarah Thomas
Origin international
Pattern Patchwork Geometric Hexagon
Dimensions (H x W in cm)99 x 83


Made c. 1830 in England by Sarah Thomas and used for her 10 children. The first was born in 1828 and the first three were born in England. Owned by Sarah and then the Thomas Family. Now owned by the Tongarra Bicentennial Museum, NSW.


Patchwork cot quilt top made from cotton hexagon patches, featuring a centre rosette with 7 rows of patches around it forming an elongated shape, with rosettes and patches randomly placed on the sides. Quilt has a border of triangles pieced to form squares. Cotton prints with over 50 different patterns. Colours are faded with red and brown (may be faded green) and mostly pastels. Hand sewn using whip stitch. No padding or backing.
990 x 825mm


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