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Hexagon Quilt

  • Owner:
    Norma Irvin
  • Location:
  • Maker:
    Joyce Cook
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 115
    Width: 72


Made by Miss Joyce Cook in Swan Hill, Victoria before 1961. It was given to Norma Irvin by Joyce just after Norma's baby was born in 1960. It is not used and is stored in Norma's house in Swan Hill. Miss Joyce Cook, deceased, was a teacher at the High School in Swan Hill. She taught typing and shorthand and, when needed, also needlework. Around 1947 she was appointed senior mistress at the high school. The quilt was put on a trunk that stood under a window in the house in which Joyce Cook boarded. The house was sold in about 1960 and Joyce moved into a unit. She disposed of many things and gave the quilt to Norma Irvin to use on the cot for her new born daughter.


Cotton quilt made of hexagons with sides measuring 30mm. Material is in various colours and textures in plain, print, stripe and spots. The solid colour blocks are placed in diagonal lines and the patterned ones at random. Hand stitched at 20 stitches to the inch. There is no padding. The backing is cotton headcloth folded to the front, corners mitred then stitched to quilt following outline of hexagons.
1150 x 720mm

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