OwnerMrs. L. M. Chick
Location VIC
MakerDoreen Vincent
Origin victoria
Pattern Patchwork Hexagon
Dimensions (H x W in cm)228 x 915


The quilt was made by Doreen Vincent in 1935 for her family. It is now owned by Mrs LM Chick her daughter. "This quilt is a replica of quilts made each year by the Ladies Guild at Holy Trinity Cathedral Wangaratta. Each member sewing together by hand, a block 8 inches wide. Each separate piece [was] tacked, hand sewn and hemmed over a six sided piece of heavy brown paper, joined around a centre piece and at the meetings put in a big box to be finally joined up. My mother Doreen Vincent, each year had the job to join all the collection up, on the kitchen table and tack them all onto a quilt size length of washed calico. Machine around all edges and across then when finished, the quilt was donated to one of the Church's Homes. Needless to say, later in her life Doreen Vincent decided to make one for our family [and] this is the one in the photo. This quilt is her own personal work, bringing us all many very happy memories when we look at it now. I [have] memories of lots of my old dresses, many of my mothers too, lots of bits and pieces from many things and family members, aunties, cousins and even my Grandmother. How all our family love it." [LM Chick, 27 November 1998]


Hexagon quilt made by hand from a wide variety of cotton materials. There is no padding and the backing is calico.
2286 x 915mm


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