Collection2001 National Quilt Register Collection by PWH
OwnerMeg Orr
Location NSW Australia
MakerSarah Edith Smith
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Patchwork Hexagon
Dimensions (H x W in cm)174 x 121


The quilt was made by Sarah Edith Smith prior to 1942-1943 in Sydney New South Wales. It then passed to the present owner, Meg Orr. Sarah Edith Smith (1896-1974) lived in Randwick, Sydney NSW when first married but then moved to Vaucluse NSW. She was taught to quilt by her mother Mrs Stewart. Mrs Smith was a painter until she married and also a national ice skater. She gave up quilting when the war started and became very involved with the Red Cross especially making many things for soldiers.


All over pattern of rows of hexagons with each unit made up of four hexagons each 45mm. Patterned and plain materials thought to date from the 1930s including cotton and linen dress materials, synthetics and synthetic crepe. It was an unfinished top and Meg Orr the present owner, finished it by machine stitching some of the hexagon rosettes to the red twill background and stitching on a backing. There is no padding.

1740 x 1210 mm


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