Owner Diana Cameron
Location QLD
Maker Jane Cobbold
Origin victoria
Pattern Patchwork Hexagon
Date 1850-1899
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 198 x 152


The quilt was hand sewn by Jane Cobbold (Cain) c. 1880 at 'Yarra House' in South Yarra, Melbourne Victoria and passed to the present owner's great aunt, then to her mother and is now owned by Diana Cameron. It is used occasionally. Diana Cameron's grandmother, Jane Cobbold, was born in England and came to Australia as William Cain's bride c.1875. 'Yarra House' in Anderson Street, South Yarra was built by William Cain who was mayor of Melbourne (before it was a city so he was not Lord Mayor) about 1890. It is opposite the Botanic gardens and the Cains entertained lavishly for over a decade. 'Yarra House' is now 'Merton Hall' and part of the Melbourne Church of England Grammar School. Diana Cameron, the present owner, went to the Goondiwindi district as a young bride and the quilt has always been part of her married life.
[Compiled from notes supplied by the owner]


Cotton quilt of patterned and plain hexagons with central design and borders of hexagons radiating from it. It is hand sewn and most patterns are of roses. Backing is pink sateen and is a replacement backing put on in 1939. Pieced over papers, remnant love letters were found when the new backing was put on.
1981 x 1525 mm


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