Owner Margaret Cameron
Location SA
Maker Jeanie Stretch
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Patchwork Hexagon
Date 1900-1939
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 150 x 100


The quilt was made by Jeanie Stretch probably in the 1930s to 1940s. It was made in Sydney NSW. It was then owned by the maker's niece, Helen Pankhurst, and now by Helen's sister Jeanie Stretch in South Australia. It is not used. "Jeanie Margaret Stretch was the second of seven children of Bishop John Francis and his wife Amelia Margaret Stretch. She was born on 19 April 1888, in Melbourne VIC and died on 13 October 1961 in Sydney NSW. She was a violinist and never married. From approximately the 1930s she lived at 2 Carter Street, North Sydney, in a little cottage built on an old quarry. Her companion who lived with her, Vicky Spraggon, a New Zealander, also played violin. They both played at concerts in North Sydney in the 1940s and 1950s. I used to visit them and stay weekends when I was at college in the late 1940s. My father, Carlos, the eldest in the family, is on the extreme right of the photo." [Margaret Cameron]


Hand stitched quilt of hexagon shapes in a random pattern and using a wide variety of materials including satins, cottons, underwear material, curtain pieces. There is no padding and it is backed with black silk.
1500 x 1000mm


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