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Hexagon Quilt Top

  • Owner:
    Thelma Lithgow
  • Location:
    South Australia
  • Maker:
    Margaret Clucas
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 210
    Width: 180


The quilt top was made by Margaret Clucas in 1882 on the ship 'Potosi' travelling from the Isle of Man to Australia. It was then owned by her daughter Mona Harvey (born Clucas) and then her granddaughter Thelma Muriel Mona Lithgow born 1909.

"Margaret Clucas nee Lewin, born Isle of Man 1834, married John Clucas and migrated to Australia via England, travelling on the cargo passenger ship the 'Potosi' 1882. While travelling on the 'Potosi' Margaret made the quilt top but it was never backed. John and Margaret Clucas were both school teachers and were quickly registered in their profession on arrival in South Australia. Constantly moving around in difficult conditions occupied all their spare time. Hence the quilt was never completed. The hexagon papers were old letters but they have disintegrated over time."

[Yvonne Daniel]


Repeat block quilt top based on hexagons, each 350 mm diameter. Six hexagons and a centre one make a 'flower' and these are set in rows against a plain calico background. Patterned cotton fabrics are used for the hexagons, small prints, fine stripes and tiny flowers. As it is a quilt top only, there is no lining or padding.

2100 x 1800 mm

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