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High Rise Apartment With Garden View

  • Owner:
    Janice Rowe
  • Location:
    Karrinyup Western Australia
  • Maker:
    Janice Rowe
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 129
    Width: 101


The quilt was inspired by a visit to the Desert Botanical Park in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2012. The vast display of Sonoran Desert plants were in bloom as it was Spring. Each species had its own peculiar shape and texture. The tiny Saguaro Owl makes its home in hollows in the giant Saguaro cactus for protection from other birds and animals. Hence the title of the quilt which was started in 2013.


This pictorial quilt is multi-coloured reflecting the natural colours of the desert landscape (browns), the cacti (greens) and the flowers (various). It is basically rectangular with the lower edge irregular following the line of rocks.

The background and backing are made from 100% cotton. The batting is a wool/poly mix. The various cacti are made from hand-dyed or coloured (Inktense Pencils) cotton fabrics. The embellishments include knitting yarns, sequins, beads and hand embroidery. The Saguaro Owl is thread painted. The quilting was done on a domestic sewing machine.

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