Owner Muriel Mackenzie
Location QLD
Maker Ella Constance Mackenzie
Origin queensland
Pattern Utilitarian Wholecloth
Date 1900-1939
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 168 x 114


Made by Ella Constance Mackenzie (born Canning) during the late 1930s or early 1940s, at Killarney Queensland. Ella was the mother-in-law of the present owner. The quilt is stored in a tin trunk and not used. "These quilts were made out of necessity to help keep a family warm during very cold winters in Killarney. When I was first engaged and used to go to Killarney I used to hope that these quilts would not be put on my bed as they were very heavy. Within the family, they were referred to as 'hug me tights'."
[Muriel Mackenzie, 3 October 1996]
"My mother had four sons, (no daughters) born in Killarney QLD. Her father built the first hotel in Killarney after migrating from Bath at the turn of the century. My mother was about 5' 2" always sewing, mending and crocheting. My father was a commercial traveller representing Thomas Brown, D & W Murray, AM Hartzberg, general wholesalers. A room in the hotel was used for commercial travellers to lay out their merchandise for the shop keeper to order from."
[Bill Mackenzie, 3 October 1996]
Bill's mother was not a sewer of clothing for herself or her sons.


Wholecloth utilitarian quilt with velour type material top and cottage weave curtain material on the back. The padding is a 'bush blanket'. Machine sewn and quilted.
1677 x 1144mm


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