OwnerRussell McNickle
Location NSW
MakerHartley Schultz
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Animal Skins Pieced
Dimensions (H x W in cm)180 x 150


Russell McNickle shot the kangaroos on Milthorpe's property 'Walanthray' Hillston NSW with a 22 calibre BRNO rifle in 1958. The skins are from the big red, the grey, the black scrubber and/or the blue flyer. No licence was necessary to shoot the roos. Russell salted the skins down and they were then taken to the Schultz tannery in Wagga Wagga where Hartley Schultz was responsible for tanning, design and making the rugs. Russell bought the rifle (and bullets) for 60 pounds and paid for it within a year by trapping and shooting rabbits and shooting roos. Jarvie and Kelvin McNickle also often shot the kangaroos with Russell. It is owned by Jarvie, brother of Russell. It is not used.


Pieced kangaroo skin rug. Centre square set on edge with radiating squares of rectangles of different coloured skins. This rug is one of a pair. The skins were from the big red, the blue flyer, the black scrubber and the grey. The backing is red felt with the traditional scalloped edge that extends beyond the fur.
1800 x 1500mm


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