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Kangaroo Skin Rug

  • Owner:
    Shirley Thamm
  • Location:
  • Maker:
    Alan Thomas
  • Pattern:
    Animal Skins
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 176
    Width: 104


Made by Alan Thomas in the early 1920s near Burra South Australia and given to Miss Rhena Thamm (later Mrs Burdon 1903-1990). Owned by her niece by marriage, Mrs Shirley Thamm. The skins came from 'Hogback' Station via Burra SA, owned by the three Thomas brothers, including Alan, the maker. 'Hogback' is 60 km from Burra and takes its name from the shaped hill on the property. Alan and Rhena were friends; Rhena put the backing on the skins herself. She was approximately 20 years old when it became hers. R hena's sister Phosia married one of the other brothers Ralph, and they lived at 'Hogback' for many years. Rhena lived in Burra North but often stayed with her sister at 'Hogback'.


Skin rug made from kangaroo skins, in six squares with a diamond shape in the centre. Four squares are pale tan, the two centre ones are grey-brown and the diamond shaped skin is red-brown. Skins are hand sewn with a zigzag stitch to the backing of brown woollen fabric. On each long side is a border of the brown wool fabric, with the edges serrated. No padding.
1760 x 1040mm

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