Owner Bud and Patricia Ford
Location QLD
Maker Bud Ford
Origin queensland
Pattern Animal Skins Pieced
Date 1960-1969
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 193 x 152


Made by the owner, Bud Ford, at Miles Queensland. Now rolled up in a canvas swag cover in the shed but still used when Bud goes bush. Bud Ford recounted: "We had some killers from Olive Campion of 'Oxford Downs' Columboola. They were such lovely skins that I had them tanned by an old one eyed bushman who had a recipe for tanning. I sewed them together and put them on a bush blanket". The lamb skin rug used to be put on a bed on the verandah and cats and kids loved to sleep on it. Bud Ford would take it with him when he went to the Simpson Desert collecting for the Queensland museum.


Rug made of twelve lamb skins stitched to a blue and grey checked bush rug.
1931 x 1525mm


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