Owner Collection of artist
Location Sydney, NSW, Australia
Maker Alison Muir
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Contemporary
Date 2010-2019
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 258 cm x 149 cm


Man has explored Earth’s Moon, most of the planets in Earth’s Solar system and some outer space but until Man could withstand water pressure at depths and still breathe the deep oceans were out of bounds. Recent published works by marine scientists and photographers have started to document the creatures of the deep. This work draws on my imagination to visualise a World down deep with little sunlight but much life.
Exhibitions: ‘Art Quilt Australia 2017’ at Launceston Art Gallery, Tasmania Yarra Ranges Regional Museum 2018
Publications: ‘Art Quilt Australia 2017’ catalogue, cover & poster


Materials: Commercial silk, Tiwi Island silk, cotton, polyester, paper
Techniques: Shibori, heat set images, lino cut prints, fused applique, machine stitching


Andy Payne, Photographix


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