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Laura and Sam’s wedding

  • Owner:
    Laura & Sam Wood
  • Location:
    Hobart TAS Australia
  • Maker:
    Claire Reid
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 197
    Width: 180


"This quilt began and the top constructed, in the front seat of my parents ute whilst on a three week camping journey along the Murray River with my mother, in 2011. Constructed from recycled woollen garments found in opportunity shops along the way. Unfortunately, the black on black quilting along with the heat got the better of me in the final week before the wedding and it was set aside to finish later. As a result it was not completed until January 2018, when breaking my toe, gave a good excuse for finding time to sit down and finish quilting (two children later)."

[Claire Reid, April 2018)


Hand cut, pieced and quilted. Red and black wool six pointed star blocks separated by black strips with the occasional appliqué red circles at intersections. One block represents a ladybird and was inserted as other fabrics were insufficient in amount. Along each side is a series of triangles using remaining fabric pieces. The backing is slightly patterned black and grey cotton and has a bamboo batting. Fabrics in the top are varied including crepe, plain weave and a double woven fabric.

1970 x 1800 mm

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