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Margaret’s rugs

  • Owner:
    Margaret Tippett
  • Location:
    Point Lonsdale
  • Maker:
    Margaret Tippett
  • Pattern:
    Tailors' samples
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: Quilt 1 - 1.38 metres H x 1.34 metres W
    Width: Quilt 2 - 1.6 metres H x 0.9 metres W


Three quilts were made in 1971 by myself, Margaret Tippett, while living at Forest Hill, Victoria.
They were made for warmth and for economic reasons. The material was free, except for the backing which I purchased from my aunts shop.
Two are still in my possession and one was given to my sister, and it is still in her possession.
The quilts were used often, especially when our children were young.


The 3 quilts were made from samples of woollen material that were used at the time for making women’s coats. My aunt, Bessie Guildford, had a haberdashery shop in Surrey Hills, Victoria, and she had acquired the material samples. She offered them to me to make patchwork quilts. The samples were of all different sizes, making the rugs all different patterns.

2 thoughts on “Margaret’s rugs

  1. Soft and “cuddly”, just the thing for everyone, babes to aged.
    Are they hand or machine stitched, or a combination of both?
    Either way they are a treasure for you and your family.

  2. Thankyou for your comment Shirley. Yes, they are treasured by our family.
    I used my fairly new (at the time) Janome sewing machine to sew the pieces together, finishing off with some hand sewing.

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