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Medallion Quilt


The original maker is unknown. It was owned by Karolyn Eastwell (born Mauch 1850-1926) and then by the present owner Joan Bradford. It is not used now. This quilt was recovered [in] about 1920 to make it thicker but a lot of the material was eaten by mice and the rest turned to dust. The original quilt was then carefully washed and survived. Karolyn Eastwell, the previous owner had 5 children before she was 20 and a total of 14 children.
[Joan Bradford, 13 January 1998]


This utility quilt/eiderdown has a wholecloth top of faded floral cotton, a frill of the same material and a centre diamond of plain green cotton. The backing is plain green and the filling is kapok.
1753 x 1474mm

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