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Medallion Quilt

  • Owner:
    Essendon Quilters Inc.
  • Location:
    Essendon, Victoria, Australia
  • Maker:
    Elizabeth Perry
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 142
    Width: 115


Made by Elizabeth Perry at Brunswick, Victoria, probably during the Depression. Given to an op-shop by Elizabeth's niece Mrs Beryl Chalmers. Now owned by Essendon Quilters Inc.

"The quilt was donated to Essendon Quilters. It had been bought at an op-shop for $2.00. I had become very interested in the quilt and after a bit of research found the person who gave it to the op-shop. That was Mrs Chalmers. Beryl Chalmers remembers the quilts (there was another) when the family lived in Brunswick Victoria and feels they were made for a move the family made to Hampton. Later on the quilts were used at a beach house at Lorne and withstood a lot of hard work. Although the quilt is quite small by our standards today it was made for a single bed. Elizabeth Perry was born around 1895 and died in 1975. Her niece remembers her as a remarkable lady being able to produce fine handwork or turn to heavy work such as crocheting etc. She was a great seamstress and also did fancy work and made baby clothes as well ... Elizabeth Perry never married and lived with her parents until they died. The quilt was made in Brunswick where the family lived at 8 Barrow Street, Brunswick. The family moved to Hampton about this time - 60 years ago. Mrs Chalmers feels that the quilt was made to be used in their new home. Elizabeth Perry worked at the Commonwealth Clothing Factory during World War I and Mrs Chalmers thinks she continued working after that but doesn't know where. She seems to have worked as a machinist or perhaps hand tailoring? Mrs Chalmers remembers her as a very talented sewer who also crocheted, made beautiful baby clothes and did fine handwork. She doesn't remember her grandmother sewing and her own mother did sew but didn't have the skills that Elizabeth had. …" [Letter from Janette McInnes, 1997}


Pieced and appliqued quilt of pink, blue and brown wool. Centre motif is an applique whirligig or flower in pink and blue on tan, with two pink side borders topped by smaller appliqued whirligigs or flowers in the same colours. The outer frame is made of strips of pink, blue and brown, with a border of brown. Some silk embroidery on the applique edges. No padding. The backing is of cretonne.

1423 x 1144 mm

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