OwnerLynnette Brown
Location VIC
MakerMaude Thompson
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Wagga
Dimensions (H x W in cm)102 x 73


Known as 'Nana Thompson's Quilt'. Made by Mrs Maude Thompson in Narrandera NSW c. 1930s. Owned by Mrs Lynne Brown, daughter of Ada, Maude's fourth daughter. "Maude Thompson was widowed at the age of 30, after only 10 years of marriage and was left with five small daughters. At that time there was not a Widow's Pension available. Mrs Thompson and her daughters lived in the house which was originally her childhood home, with the support of her father, her brother and her stepson, Frederick. The home, as photographed, is still occupied and Mrs Thompson lived in that same home for all but 3 of her 97 years. She was a very artistic and creative person. She always added decorative touches to her handwork and children's clothing. Many of her handcrafts are still in the family, examples of her embroidery, crochet work and hooked woollen rugs backed with hessian, are still being used today."
[Lynnette Brown]


Quilt made of two overlapping woollen, children's garments, heavily embroidered with wool (herringbone stitch), backed with checked flannelette, edged with woollen crochet. Woollen crochet edging has five rows of treble crochet, with one row of double crochet on edge. No apparent padding.
1020 x 730mm


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