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Pieced Quilt

  • Owner:
    Beryl Warne
  • Location:
  • Maker:
    Beryl Warne
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 218
    Width: 142


The quilt was made by Beryl Warne in 1960-1961 at the Methodist Parsonage in Dunolly Victoria. It was made for their son Mark when he went from his cot to a bed. It was used at the Dunolly Parsonage and later at the Boort Parsonage. It is not used now. The patches for the quilt were cut from Beryl's dressmaking scraps including from her 'going away dress' and scraps from toddler's clothes and furnishing scraps. Her mother, Ruth Holman, gave her the old wool cream blanket. The pale lemon lawn for the border and backing was purchased at the 'Beehive Emporium' in Bendigo Victoria and Beryl made matching curtains for the nursery window. "The family lived happily in comfort but to a budget. I have many memories when I look at this piece. A very humble and functional quilt but treasured by me. I was most happy to live in Dunolly for a couple of years but when the church (Methodist) appointed my husband to Boort, I found the Mallee climate very trying. When, after a severe dust storm this quilt was completely brown with dust - no patches visible - and after only 2 years in Boort we decided to move. The quilt decided it! We moved to the lovely Mornington parish, Westonport area Victoria churches."
[Beryl Warne, 9 October 2000]


The quilt's construction is cotton patches about 170mm square joined in strips and then the strips joined. The border and backing are pale lemon coloured cotton lawn. The padding is an old woollen blanket. There is ric-rac braid around the border of the top.
2180 x 1420mm

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