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Red Blanket Wagga

  • Owner:
    National Wool Museum
  • Location:
    Geelong, Victoria , Australia
  • Maker:
    India Flint
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 2000
    Width: 1800


Created for and entered in the 2008 ‘Expressions: The Wool Quilt Prize’- “The quilts connect us to our past
and to our future, by interpreting Australian themes and telling our stories.”- Judy Hooworth, Quilter and Judge of the Prize.
Donated to the National Wool Museum after the conclusion of the exhibition.


Eucalyptus dyed woolen blanket base with salvaged fabrics hand sewn to create a patchwork effect. The eucalyptus dye has been used to create different tones of brown and red throughout the design with further dyeing used to create leaf imprints on the fabrics. A running stitch has been used to quilt the wagga, the stitching is imperfect, in places tied on the surface of the wagga.

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