Owner Private Collection
Location Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Maker Alison Muir
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Contemporary
Date 2000-2009
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 110 cm x 80 cm


During 1999 and 2000 the world weather patterns were affected by La Nina, in the Pacific Ocean, to such an extent there was a wet heart at the centre of Australia. The heart is alive with growth and water

Donated to Quilts 2000 for the Paralympic Games 2000 fund raiser auction; sold to Collector
‘Quilts 2000’ Australia celebrates by Karen Fail and Dianne Finnegan, published by Quilts 2000. Not illustrated in book


Materials: Hand dyed, hand painted and commercial silks, cotton, voile, cotton back and felt interlayer
Techniques: Appliqué, fused appliqué, voile overlays and machine quilting


Quilts 2000, Alison Muir photography


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