OwnerJune Brown
Location VIC
Origin victoria
Pattern Utilitarian Wholecloth
Dimensions (H x W in cm)195 x 185


The maker is unknown but she was a travelling seamstress. The quilt was made for Ellen and Edward McGurk whose property was 'Elenose' at Woosang near Charlton Victoria. It was made about 1919 or 1920. It was then owned by Ellen's daughter, Vera Gregson, who gave it to June Brown in 1998. It is not used and is stored in a trunk in June Brown's home. It was not uncommon to have travelling seamstresses in country areas. They would go to a property by arrangement and do any family sewing and the mending. They would stay with the family for a week or so.


Reversible wholecloth quilt of floral cotton material with a sateen finish. Machine quilting in rows holds the layers together. Padding appears to be an old blanket, cream wool with grey and pink stripes.
1950 x 1850mm


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