Owner Anne Gardener
Location QLD Australia
Maker Anne Gardner
Pattern Patchwork Pieced Crazy
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 146 x 97


Made by Anne Gardener, the present owner, in 1955 while living on a sheep property 'Calala' near Hannaford Queensland. The quilt was used on children's beds and also while listening to the radio at night when it was chilly. The owner mentioned that their car was not heated so the quilt was taken on trips to provide warmth. As this quilt is in poor condition it has been used as a dog blanket.


Quilt made of woollen dressmaking scraps, patterned and plain, stitched to an army issue demob blanket, grey with white stripes. Pieces are featherstitched in red and yellow broder cotton. The quilt was edged with red cotton fabric machine zig zagged in place.
1462 x 966mm


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