Register No.673AV
OwnerAgata Vecchio
Location QLD
MakerAgata Vecchio
Origin ITALY Sicily
Pattern Wholecloth Medallion
Dimensions (H x W in cm)225 x 220


The quilt was made in the 1930s by Mrs Agata Vecchio (born Lo Monaco) in Linguaglossa Sicily. It is still owned by Mrs Agata Vecchio. It is not used at the present time as the winters in North Queensland are not cold enough. This is a traditional quilt that young Sicilian brides made for their 'Glory Boxes'. It was considered to be part of their dowry.


Whole cloth quilt in rose coloured cotton sateen. The backing is the same material. Hand sewn and hand quilted. The quilting is in a medallion style. The padding is kapok.
2250 x 2200mm

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